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Hampshire Partnership - Wednesday, 11th July, 2018 10.30 am

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Hampshire 2050

To receive a presentation from Stuart Jarvis, Director of Economy Transport and Environment for Hampshire County Council.


Stuart Jarvis, the Director of Economy, Transport and Environment, gave a presentation on Hampshire 2050; The Commission of Inquiry that is considering evidence and key issues to inform a Vision for Hampshire 2050. It was explained that the Inquiry will guide and contribute to the future prosperity, quality of life, and protection and enhancement of the character and environment of Hampshire as well as provide the framework for which future plans, strategies and ways of working will be packaged.


Hampshire 2050 was made up of six themes: demographic and societal changes; economy; work, skills and lifestyle; environment and quality of place; mobility, connectivity and energy and rural Hampshire.


A final report following the Inquiry was expected to go to Full Council in July 2019 and there was a website where people could contribute to the Inquiry with their opinions, ideas and experiences:


During questions, Members were reassured that all areas of Hampshire would be represented as part of the Inquiry and areas of focus would be able to be established following its completion. Councillor Mans spoke positively of Hampshire’s proactive approach in considering possibilities going forward with different elements that may effect the County. Officers were keen to work further with the Fire and Police Services going forward and any additional responses from other organisations were also encouraged. Southern Water were also keen to get involved in planning and felt they could add significant value.

Councillor Sanders confirmed that a lot of information had already been collated at Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council, which they were happy to share as part of the process.


NHS Update

To receive a presentation from Richard Samuel, STP Lead for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


Richard Samuel, STP Lead for Hampshire and Isle of Wight, gave a presentation updating the Partnership on the NHS. It was confirmed that Hampshire alone saw £3 billion in annual revenue, and that increasing life expectancies and maintaining an adequate workforce remained the greatest pressures, with many vacancies across the service.


With three quarters of the budget going into treatment and hospital care, it was acknowledged that a more proactive approach was crucial with a focus on supporting people in managing their own care. There was now more ability to manage data and identify patterns and ways of working and E-Consult was now in 60% of GP practices across Hampshire, freeing up employee time.


Regarding direction of travel. It was confirmed that the NHS had a very complicated structure, and it was important that internal workings were improved and any issues solved before looking outside of the NHS with merges. The NHS was, however, still committed to working alongside other authorities and organisations to provide the best service.


John Coughlan, Chief Executive of Hampshire County Council, highlighted that that ‘Social Care Teams’ were in fact authorities, which was important to clarify in terms of engagement. Progress was positive, and it was acknowledged that there was potential for hospital challenges to become overwhelming.


Councillor Horrill  spoke of the importance of communicating long term plans with the public and was reassured that planning cycles within the NHS had already increased, which was already a huge benefit and will be continued going forwards. Councillor Sanders supported the importance of communication and also considerations given to the impact on people and accessibility of services.


Medium Term Financial Strategy

To receive a presentation from Rob Carr, Head of Finance for Hampshire County Council.


Rob Carr, Head of Finance for Hampshire County Council, provided an update on the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS), covering how things were at the moment as well as the impacts of the 2016/17 settlement. It was confirmed that Hampshire savings programme was in two-year blocks and there was an estimated £130 million gap. The new national living wage increase was not classified as a new financial burden due to it effecting everyone and Shire districts and counties had been hit particularly hard in terms of grant funding. The biggest pressure going forward was Children’s Social Care and help would be needed in the long term to support this adequately.


Shared Services

To receive a presentation from Rob Carr, Head of Finance for Hampshire County Council.



A presentation was received from Rob Carr, Head of Finance for Hampshire County Council as well as joint Head of Finance for all three organisations that made up shared services.


The partners who formed part of the Integrated Business Centre were summarised and it was confirmed that individual services were also being provided. It had been long standing project to ensure that there were good interfaces between systems particularly with London Boroughs joining the partnership. Officers looked forward to seeing it grow and welcomed talks with any organisations who wanted further information.






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