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Hampshire Partnership - Thursday, 10th November, 2016 10.30 am

Venue: Ashburton Hall, Elizabeth II Court (Podium)

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§  Mel Barrett – Chief Executive, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council

§  Alison Barnes – Chief Executive, New Forest National Park Authority

§  Paul Bright – Hampshire Voluntary Sector Consortium

§  Councillor Ian Carr – Leader, Test Valley Borough Council

§  Councillor Trevor Cartwright – Leader, Fareham Borough Council

§  Councillor Chris Carter – Chairman, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Authority

§  Councillor Michael Cheshire – Leader, Havant Borough Council

§  Dr David Chilvers – Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Groups

§  Tim Colman – Federation of Small Businesses (Wessex)

§  John Coughlan – Chief Executive, Hampshire County Council

§  Suzanne Hasselman – Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Groups

§  Sandy Hopkins – Chief Executive, East Hampshire District & Havant Borough Councils

§  Bob Jackson – Chief Executive, New Forest District Council

§  Councillor Simon Letts – Leader, Southampton City Council

§  Councillor Keith Mans – Hampshire County Council

§  Dr Liz Mearns – NHS England (Wessex)

§  Councillor Richard Millard – East Hampshire District Council

§  Neil Odin – Deputy Chief Officer, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service

§  Daryl Phillips – Chief Executive, Hart District Council

§  Councillor Stephen Parker – Leader, Hart District Council

§  Councillor Roy Perry – Leader, Hampshire County Council

§  Annie Righton – Eastleigh Borough Council

§  Councillor Clive Sanders – Leader, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council

§  Roger Tetstall – Chief Executive, Test Valley Borough Council

§  Kim Thornden-Edwards – Chief Executive Officer, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Rehabilitation Company

§  Steve Tilbury – Winchester City Council

§  Councillor Anne Winstanley – Hampshire Association of Local Councils


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§  Councillor David Clifford – Leader, Rushmoor Borough Council

§  Dave Curry – Chief Officer, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service

§  Geoff French – Chair, EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership

§  Peter Grimwood – Chief Executive, Fareham Borough Council

§  Dominic Hardy – NHS England (Wessex)

§  Councillor Keith House – Leader, Eastleigh Borough Council

§  Andrew Lloyd – Chief Executive, Rushmoor Borough Council

§  Olivia Pinkney – Chief Constable, Hampshire Constabulary

§  Councillor Barry Rickman – Leader, New Forest District Council


Welcome and Announcements - Councillor Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council


Councillor Roy Perry welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Councillor Perry referred to the LGC Investment Awards held in London on 9 November at which Councillor Mark Kemp-Gee was a finalist.  Councillor Kemp-Gee gives outstanding service in his capacity as Chairman of the Hampshire Pension Fund Panel and Board to the many partners in that Fund.


Councillor Perry reported on his attendance at the CCN Conference recently at which he met with Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport.  The proposal for a shadow Transport Network for the South East was discussed, which is being developed with the South East 7 Partnership (Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Hampshire County Councils and Medway and Brighton Councils).  If this proposal progresses, it was hoped that Southampton City and Portsmouth City Councils would also be interested in participating.  Councillor Letts, Leader of Southampton City Council confirmed that he would be happy to undertake discussions with the Leader of Portsmouth City Council regarding their participation.


Councillor Perry also reported on an interesting presentation by Ben Page, Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI entitled “The state of things – perception and reputation” delivered at the CCN Conference.  The presentation focused on matters at home and abroad before and after the Referendum, patriotic nostalgia, customer expectations, priorities for the Government and public services. 


Lastly, Councillor Perry reported that the initial draft Sustainability and Transport Plan for the Health Service covering the Hampshire and Isle of Wight area had been submitted to NHS England.  Liaison between Health and local government is crucial therefore NHS England will be looking for local sign-off.  This will be of particular interest to the Hampshire Health and Wellbeing Board.


Devolution Update

Councillor Roy Perry will provide an update on the latest position with Devolution for Hampshire.


The Hampshire Partnership received an update on the latest position with devolution in Hampshire from Councillor Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council.  A report of the County Council’s Cabinet on 14 November 2016 had been published which includes a summary of the immediate findings of the ‘Shaping Hampshire’ consultation and its possible implications.  A report will also be submitted to a meeting of the full County Council on 24 November 2016. 


Councillor Perry made it clear that the County Council’s position has always been to listen to the people of Hampshire before deciding whether or not to pursue a unitary bid of any kind.  The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has stated that it is up to local authorities to decide what they want to do in regard to getting additional powers and money, and at this point appears to be of the view that any proposals must be predicated on having an elected Mayor.


The Chief Executive of Hampshire County Council, John Coughlan expanded on the Cabinet report referred to above.  The views expressed in the Shaping Hampshire consultation were mixed and did not indicate a clear outcome other than there being a strong desire of the respondents for Hampshire to be kept together.  In the continuing absence of credible assurances in regard to the concerns raised by the County Council, the recommendations in the Cabinet report do not support joining the Solent Combined Authority bid at this time.  The Wider Hampshire bid is still considered to be a good one, however it is recognised that some of the signatories to that bid are no longer supportive.  The Cabinet report registers a strong preference to retain the status quo for as long as that remains viable; registers that the County Council is opposed to Hampshire district councils joining the proposed Solent Combined Authority as constituent members and sets out a sincere invitation to continue to see what can be done collectively and collaboratively.  The report also summarises the findings of engagement with the business community undertaken as part of the consultation and reflects on headline messages arising from a series of workshops held with Hampshire’s town and parish councils.


Councillor Stephen Parker provided an update on the Heart of Hampshire Combined Authority bid.  A report had been commissioned by Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) the outcome of which indicated no enthusiasm amongst the Bid partners for wide scale unitary proposals.  It was noted that PwC have been asked to examine the possibility of future two-tier working.  Their report was at an advanced stage with anticipated publication at the end of November.


Councillor Simon Letts reported the views of Southampton City Council that devolution is deemed essential and the opportunity is narrow, therefore they would pursue whichever route necessary to achieve this goal.


Councillor Perry concluded the discussion and referred to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn Statement due on 23 November which may, or may not, see the Government making an announcement about devolution bids.  Without  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Supporting (Troubled) Families Programme (STFP) Update pdf icon PDF 332 KB

Steve Crocker, Director of Children’s Services at Hampshire County Council will present a report providing a progress update on both Phase 1 (2012-15) and the first part of Phase 2 (2015/16 onwards) of Hampshire’s Programme which includes a summary of the independent academic evaluation of Phase 1 of the programme by the University of Portsmouth.


The Hampshire Partnership received a report providing a progress update on both Phase 1 (2012-15) and the first part of Phase 2 (2015/16 onwards) of Hampshire’s Programme.  Steve Crocker, Director of Children’s Services at Hampshire County Council reported that Hampshire’s programme was an excellent example of co-operation and collaborative working.  Recent negative reports nationally expressing doubts about the validity of the programme was not borne out by the Hampshire experience, which was evidenced by the outcomes of an independent academic evaluation of Phase 1 of the programme by the University of Portsmouth.  A copy of this report was available.  A lot of energy had been put into publicising the programme in order to maximise the engagement and hence maximise the outcomes.  The Director commented that it is thought there are more families that need help, and that help can be offered therefore it was important that the broadening of the Programme’s criteria should not lead to a loosening of the commitment by partners.


Councillor Keith Mans, Executive Lead Member for Children’s Services at Hampshire County Council reported that the approach was very much about helping families to turn their lives around for the long term and this meant tackling the harder issues.  The Programme demonstrates a new way of working collaboratively with a wide range of partners throughout Hampshire to achieve sustainable outcomes; a model that could be applied to other projects.  Councillor Mans highlighted the importance of buy-in from the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and emphasised that input from the NHS is critical for Phase 2 of the Programme to help reduce the demand on GP surgeries and A&E departments whilst recognising that some families require specific support to deal with, for example, mental health issues.


Councillor Chris Carter, Chairman of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority reported that Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) recognised the importance of the role it has as a key partner in this Programme.  Training is being provided to HFRS personnel as appropriate so that issues can be identified quickly to enable liaison with other partners.


Kim Thornden-Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Rehabilitation Company expressed support for the Programme, which presented an opportunity to ensure the maximum cross-over of partner caseloads and referral processes for benefit to the people that need support.


In conclusion, partners expressed strong support for the work being done and the results achieved so far.  Going forward, achieving cross-cutting operational benefits for all the key services was highlighted but it was felt this activity was at times constrained by the targets set by the Government to achieve the rewards.  The Director commented that doing the right thing by the families was the most important thing and by focusing on this key principle, Hampshire should meet the targets; the continued support from partners to help achieve this was welcomed.


Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children and Refugees (UASC) pdf icon PDF 97 KB

Steve Crocker, Director of Children’s Services at Hampshire County Council will present a report updating partners on the government National Transfer Scheme for unaccompanied asylum seeking children and refugee children which came into effect from 1 July 2016.


The Hampshire Partnership received a report advising on the proposed Government National Transfer Scheme for unaccompanied asylum seeking children and refugee children, which came into effect on 1 July 2016.  Steve Crocker, Director of Children’s Services at Hampshire County Council summarised the background to the scheme and outlined the national picture.  The Partnership’s attention was drawn to section 6 of the report setting out funding and placement options and to the table on page 5 of the report setting out an overview of the position for the South East Region as at April this year.  The Director reported that Dover is one of the main routes by which unaccompanied asylum seeking children arrive into the UK, which puts the services provided by Kent County Council under a lot of strain as their numbers continue to rise month by month.  The Government recognises that Kent cannot continue to bear the responsibility for these large numbers indefinitely therefore the Government’s approach is to relieve Kent and introduce a programme for widening the dispersal around the UK.


The Director reported that unaccompanied children automatically become 'looked after children' and as such have care leaver status conferred upon them when they reach 18; if the government’s anticipated numbers arrive then this would constitute a 12% increase in the number of children in care in Hampshire.  Attention was drawn to Section 9.2 of the report which detailed arrivals via the National Transfer Scheme since its introduction on 1 July and section 9.3, arrivals from the Calais Camp under the Dubs Amendment.  In comparison to other authorities, Hampshire has taken a significant number of these children.  Current indications from the Home Office suggest there are approximately 400 children who have been dispersed around France following the break-up of the Calais camp.  At this time, the ages of those children are not known.  It was noted that a meeting would be held soon to discuss the programme for widening dispersal around the UK.


It was noted that fostering placements are scarce and there is no indication from Ofsted that the requirements of the regulatory framework surrounding foster carers will be reduced.  Several groups have been approached and discussions are ongoing with Faith groups, private landlords and with organisations such as the British Red Cross.  The Director requested that if Partners know of groups/organisations that can offer placements to provide him with details. 


In response to concerns about Government funding, Councillor Perry reported that David Simmonds is leading on work for the LGA in this regard, which will make representations to the Government to highlight the extent of the issue and to highlight concerns that this should not be something that local taxpayers are expected to pick up.  The Director drew attention to a report recently published by the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) which indicates the funding currently being offered is not enough and needs to be uplifted significantly.


In conclusion the Partnership noted that the numbers of unaccompanied asylum seeking children arriving in Hampshire  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Any other business


The Partnership received an update on winter preparations and resilience.  The Met Office had reported an increased risk of snow and ice over the winter period and work was in hand to review highway salting routes; salt stocks are at a good level.  In respect of flooding, the Environment Agency has invested in flood prevention schemes and locally, much work has been carried out with communities most at risk; multi-agency plans in this regard were in good shape.


Closing remarks - Councillor Roy Perry




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All meetings will commence at 10.30am in the Ashburton Hall, Elizabeth II Court, The Castle, Winchester unless stated otherwise.


It was noted that the next meeting of The Hampshire Partnership would be held on Tuesday 21 March 2017 commencing at 10.30am in Ashburton Hall, Elizabeth II Court (Podium Level), Hampshire County Council, Winchester.

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