Agenda and minutes

Hampshire Partnership - Tuesday, 19th July, 2016 10.30 am

Venue: Ashburton Hall, Elizabeth II Court (Podium)

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§  Mel Barrett – Chief Executive, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council

§  Alison Barnes – Chief Executive, New Forest National Park Authority

§  Councillor Ian Carr – Leader, Test Valley Borough Council

§  Councillor Michael Cheshire – Leader, Havant Borough Council

§  Tim Colman – Federation of Small Businesses (Wessex)

§  John Coughlan – Chief Executive, Hampshire County Council

§  Dave Curry – Chief Officer, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service

§  Tim Colman – Federation of Small Businesses (Wessex)

§  Simon Eden – Winchester City Council

§  Peter Grimwood – Chief Executive, Fareham Borough Council

§  Councillor Stephen Godfrey – Leader, Winchester City Council

§  Patricia Hughes – Joint Chief Executive, Hart District Council

§  Michael Lane – Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire

§  Andrew Lloyd – Chief Executive, Rushmoor Borough Council

§  Carol Moore – Test Valley Borough Council

§  Olivia Pinkney – Chief Constable, Hampshire Constabulary

§  Councillor Roy Perry – Leader, Hampshire County Council

§  Councillor Stephen Parker – Leader, Hart District Council

§  Annie Righton – Eastleigh Borough Council

§  Radhia Tarafder – Hampshire Voluntary Sector Consortium

§  Councillor Anne Winstanley – Hampshire Association of Local Councils


Apologies were received from:


§  Paul Bright – Hampshire Voluntary Sector Consortium

§  Councillor David Clifford – Leader, Rushmoor Borough Council

§  Councillor Ferris Cowper – Leader, East Hampshire District Council

§  Geoff French – Chairman, Enterprise M3 LEP (represented by Tim Colman)

§  Sandy Hopkins – Chief Executive, East Hampshire District and Havant Borough Councils

§  Bob Jackson – Chief Executive, New Forest District Council

§  Councillor Simon Letts – Leader, Southampton City Council

§  Steven Lugg – Chief Executive, Hampshire Association of Local Councils

§  Councillor Barry Rickman, Leader, New Forest District Council

§  Councillor Clive Sanders – Leader, Basingstoke & Deane Borough

§  Roger Tetstall – Chief Executive, Test Valley Borough Council (represented by Carol Moore, Corporate Director)


Welcome and Announcements - Councillor Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council


Councillor Roy Perry welcomed everyone to the meeting and commented that a lot had happened since the last meeting of the Partnership – the changing devolution landscape, the EU Referendum, a new Prime Minister, local government elections and an election for the Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire.  All partners were continuing to deal with austerity and working together to achieve more was increasingly important.


The Partnership had received a presentation at its last meeting on the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Programme.  As a result of a lot of very good work in partnership with district councils and the Church, the Chairman reported that six families had now been resettled in Hampshire under this Programme.  The Chairman reported that there had been some incidents of unaccompanied asylum seekers coming to Hampshire and approximately 30 were being cared for.


The Partnership had also received a presentation at its last meeting on winter preparations, all of which paid off with it being one of the wettest winters on record.


The Chairman reported on a conference that is being organised: ‘Tackling Obesity in Hampshire’ which will be held on Monday 3 October 2016 from 10.00am to 4.00pm in Ashburton Hall at the County Council’s offices in Winchester.  The conference is being led by the County Council’s Public Health team and will focus on understanding both the impact of obesity on communities in Hampshire, and the critical role that local government and its partner organisations can play in preventing and tackling obesity.  All members of the Hampshire Partnership will be invited to the event.


Devolution Update

Councillor Roy Perry will provide an update on the latest position with Devolution for Hampshire.


Councillor Roy Perry reported that when the Partnership met in December 2015 the Hampshire and Isle of Wight (HIOW) Combined Authority bid was progressing relatively well, with the aim of Hampshire County Council, the Isle of Wight Council, the two Unitary cities, 11 Districts plus two Local Enterprise Partnerships and two National Park Authorities working together to bring the Hampshire and Isle of Wight economy up to the South East average.  In January 2016 on a local visit to Havant to meet with the bid partners, James Wharton MP confirmed that no progress could be made with the HIOW bid unless it embraced adopting a Metro-Mayor.  This requirement was clearly rejected by the HIOW bid partners at a subsequent meeting in Eastleigh.  Mr Wharton has since left the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).


A group of five Leaders – Portsmouth City Council and four district councils wrote to the DCLG confirming that they would accept a Mayor and were prepared to look at a Unitary structure for their  area.  Hampshire County Council was not party to this Combined Authority bid.  The Solent  discussion was subsequently extended to include Southampton City Council, the Isle of Wight Council and Eastleigh Borough Council to form a proposed Solent Combined Authority.


Given the important highway and transportation functions together with adult education, such a Combined Authority would have serious and far reaching implications for the functions, services and capacity of Hampshire County Council.  Therefore the County Council subsequently resisted moves to divide the County until such time as the people of Hampshire were consulted.


Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, as is their right as unitary authorities, are proceeding with their separate bid but with a clear indication of their wish to invite southern districts to join.  The remaining districts have developed their own Heart of Hampshire bid and Hampshire County Council commissioned Deloitte to assess the implications.  Deloitte’s have identified potential for a unitary local government model in Hampshire to include a greater role for Town and Parish Councils which has indicated a potential saving of over £40m per annum.


Councillor Perry confirmed that Hampshire County Council’s position throughout has been clear - before any progress is made on far reaching changes that could divide the County, there must be a thorough, independent and objective public consultation so that the people of Hampshire can have their say.  Ipsos Mori had been commissioned to prepare the County Council’s consultation questionnaire.


It was noted that PwC had also been commissioned to prepare an options report by Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council in partnership with Hart, New Forest, Rushmoor, Test Valley and Winchester Councils. Partners discussed the timing of the County Council’s consultation, which would go live on 25 July and whether it was possible to wait until the findings of the PwC report were available in the autumn before progressing the consultation.  Councillor Perry reported that as the Solent bid was progressing, delaying the consultation until the autumn would be too late;  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Hampshire Constabulary

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney will give an overview of the national, regional and local context of policing and current challenges.


Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney provided an overview of the national, regional and local context of policing and the current challenges.  Firstly, the Chief Constable confirmed that the Constabulary looked forward to working with The Hampshire Partnership as an important local forum.  Focus for the Constabulary is on service delivery and close working relationships with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and Hampshire County Council had been established.


The Chief Constable reported on the three operational areas of focus for the Constabulary, namely serious organised crime, building community cohesion and protecting and working with the community, which is at the heart of policing.  The Chief Constable highlighted the following:

§  National security: links between the local and national picture is via the Hampshire Local Resilience Forum. Hampshire Constabulary has highly equipped and experienced officers to deal with security threats and would like the community to be vigilant.

§  Hillsborough Inquiry and the significant failings identified in terms of police culture and leadership: taken very seriously by the Chief Constable.

§  Brexit perspective: there had not been an increase in hate crimes being reported following the outcome of the EU referendum; the position was being monitored closely. Reference was made to a recent meeting of the Racial Response Forum at which some concern was expressed as to apprehension within the community that racial abuse might be experienced as a result of the Referendum outcome. The Chief Constable offered to continue discussion in this regard with partners post the meeting and emphasised the importance of the community working with the police to tackle hate crimes.

§  Queen’s Speech: prison reform.

§  Sexual offences: as a result of the outcome of recent high-profile cases, the reporting of these crimes is increasing there needs to a balance between safeguarding today and dealing with historic cases.

§  Child Sexual Exploitation: tackling this area of crime is benefitting from strong partnership working.

§  Digital/cyber crime: complex and fast moving; this is an area that will be challenging going forward in terms of the ability to keep pace.


The Chief Constable concluded by confirming that the Constabulary is committed to transparency, to reducing bureaucracy and increasing use of technology, and to delivering its services with professionalism as an ethically led organisation.


Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire

To receive an early view from the newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, Michael Lane.


The Hampshire Partnership received an early view from the newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Hampshire, Michael Lane.  The PCC reported that one of his key tasks will be to empower the Chief Constable and her team whilst carrying out the responsibility to provide challenge so that policing services meet the standards expected.  Other key areas highlighted were:

§  Community engagement: being an advocate for the community, listening and responding to people, learning about what is important to them and addressing their concerns

§  Customer service: review the current approach to ensure effectiveness for the future

§  Funding: going forward this would continue to be challenging

§  Vulnerable people: making sure that vulnerable people are supported and protected by the most appropriate services

§  Partnership: important to have evidence based decisions borne out of strong partnership working and drew attention to the good work being done by the Criminal Justice Board


Community Cohesion

To receive a presentation from Camilla Gibson, Community Development Inclusion Manager at Hampshire County Council regarding the role of the Partnership as community leaders to promote community cohesion in light of recent events.


The Hampshire Partnership received a presentation from Councillor Andrew Joy, Executive Member for Communities, Partnerships and External Affairs and Camilla Gibson, Community Development Inclusion Manager at Hampshire County Council regarding the role of the Partnership as community leaders to promote community cohesion post the EU referendum.  In opening the discussion, Councillor Joy emphasised the importance of promoting community cohesion and being alert to, and proactive in dealing with unacceptable incidents.  The Leader and Chief Executive of Hampshire County Council had issued clear communications to reassure employees from the EU and other nationals.  These communications had stimulated discussion and encouraged those who had not previously spoken about their experiences to do so, which was raising awareness amongst colleagues.


Partners welcomed the presentation.  During the course of discussion, concerns were expressed about the inappropriate use of social media.  The Chief Constable assured Partners that such occurrences are taken very seriously by Hampshire Constabulary and the action taken with social media organisations did lead to inappropriate posts being taken down.  The Chief Constable emphasised that a preventative approach is also very important.  Celebrating diversity and the promotion of strong values through robust leadership was also highlighted.  As community leaders, the Partnership is able to promote clear and strong messages through their own organisations, via attendance at events and on a day-by-day basis through participation in meetings and forums.


The Chairman highlighted that there was no room for complacency.  Following the recent events in Nice, Hampshire County Council had flown the Tricolour at half mast and observed a minute’s silence to show solidarity.


Councillor Joy concluded by thanking everyone for their positive contributions and support.


Any other business




Closing remarks - Councillor Roy Perry


The Chairman thanked all Partners for their input, particularly in regard to the devolution debate.  The new Prime Minister had appointed a new Cabinet and time will tell how the new Ministers will react.  In the meantime, the focus for all Partners is the continued delivery of their services.


Future meetings of The Hampshire Partnership

Thursday 10 November 2016


Provisional dates for 2017:

Tuesday 21 March

Tuesday 18 July

Wednesday 1 November


All meetings will commence at 10.30am in the Ashburton Hall, Elizabeth II Court, The Castle, Winchester


It was noted that the next meeting of The Hampshire Partnership would be held on Thursday 10 November 2016 commencing at 10.30am in Ashburton  Hall, Elizabeth II Court (Podium Level), Hampshire County Council, Winchester.


Dates for 2017:


Tuesday 21 March

Tuesday 18 July

Wednesday 1 November


All meetings will commence at 10.30am in Ashburton Hall, Elizabeth II Court, The Castle, Winchester.