Decisions made

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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
2023/24 Revenue Budget Report for Universal Services ref: 337323/01/202302/02/20230
Chief Officer Delegations Register ref: 337123/01/202302/02/20230
Chief Officer Delegations Register ref: 337023/01/202302/02/20230
Appointments to Outside Bodies, Statutory Joint Committees, Panels and Partnership Boards ref: 335819/01/202301/02/20230
Demand Management and Prevention Grant Award ref: 336424/01/202301/02/20230
Funding for Capital Grant for Drug / Alcohol Inpatient Detoxification Unit ref: 336324/01/202301/02/20230
Capital Programme for 2023/24 to 2025/26 ref: 336224/01/202301/02/20230
2023/24 Revenue Budget Report for Adults' Health and Care ref: 336124/01/202301/02/20230
Property Services Asset Decisions ref: 337223/01/202302/02/20230
Parish and Town Council Investment Fund - Approval of Larger Grants ref: 335519/01/202301/02/20230
The Leader’s Community Grants ref: 335619/01/202301/02/20230
Chief Officer Delegations Register ref: 335719/01/202301/02/20230
Woodhouse Meadows, Hedge End – Project Update ref: 336019/01/202301/02/20230
Strategic Land Update ref: 335919/01/202301/02/20230
Community Energy South Grant Funding ref: 335419/01/202301/02/20230
Hampshire Highways - Highway Network Recovery Strategy Update 2023/24 ref: 336623/01/202302/02/20230
Universal Services Proposed Capital Programme 2023/24, 2024/25 and 2025/26 ref: 336823/01/202302/02/20230
ETE Capital Programme Quarter 3 2022/23 ref: 336723/01/202302/02/20230
Procurement of the contract for the installation and maintenance of traffic signals and associated equipment 2024 - 2029 ref: 336523/01/202302/02/20230
Parish Lengthsman Service ref: 336923/01/202302/02/20230
2023/24 Revenue Budget report for Corporate Services ref: 335319/01/202301/02/20230
TfSE Strategic Investment Plan Approval ref: 335219/01/202331/01/20230