Decisions made

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Decisions recommendations approved (subject to call-in)
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
2019/2020 to 2021/2022 Capital Programme Report for Policy and Resources ref: 96218/01/201929/01/20190
Annual Core Infrastructure Grants to Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations ref: 96318/01/201929/01/20190
2019/2020 Revenue Budget Report for Policy and Resources ref: 96118/01/201929/01/20190
Short Breaks for Disabled Children - Grants for 2019-20 ref: 95717/01/201926/01/20190
South Farnborough Infant School ref: 95617/01/201926/01/20190
2019/20 Revenue Budget Report for Children’s Services ref: 96017/01/201926/01/20190
Children's Services Capital Programme 2019/20 - 2021/22 ref: 95817/01/201926/01/20190
0-19 Children's Services Grant 2019/20 ref: 95917/01/201926/01/20190
2019/20 Revenue Budget report for Adults' Health and Care ref: 96716/01/201929/01/20190
Capital Programme for Adult Services 2019/20 to 2021/22 ref: 96816/01/201929/01/20190
Revenue Budget for Public Health 2019/20 ref: 96516/01/201929/01/20190
ETE Proposed Capital Programme 2019/20, 2020/21 and 2021/22 ref: 95115/01/201924/01/20190
2019/20 Revenue Budget ref: 95215/01/201924/01/20190
Whitehill and Bordon Integration Works - Budds Lane ref: 94515/01/201924/01/20190
Replacement of A35 Holmsley Bridge, New Forest ref: 94615/01/201924/01/20190
Concessionary Travel Scheme Contract ref: 94715/01/201924/01/20190
Farnborough Growth Package – Lynchford Road and Invincible Road Improvements ref: 94815/01/201924/01/20190
ETE Capital Programme Monitoring ref: 95015/01/201924/01/20190
Public Health Smoking Cessation Service ref: 96416/01/201929/01/20190
Project Appraisal: M27 Junction 9 and Parkway South Roundabout Scheme ref: 94415/01/201924/01/20190
M27 Junction 10 ref: 94915/01/201924/01/20190
Project Appraisal: Access to Aldershot Station ref: 95315/01/201924/01/20190
2019/2020 Revenue Budget Report for Economic Development ref: 94315/01/201923/01/20190
Definitive Map Modification Order Application Policy and Process ref: 94114/01/201922/01/20190
2019/20 Revenue Budget Report for Countryside and Rural Affairs ref: 94014/01/201922/01/20190
2019/20 Revenue Budget Report for Recreation and Heritage ref: 93614/01/201922/01/20190
Changes to the Culture and Communities Grants ref: 93814/01/201922/01/20190
Grant Funding for Culture and Community Organisations in Hampshire 2019/20 ref: 93714/01/201922/01/20190
Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme ref: 93914/01/201922/01/20190
Rural Communities Fund - Community Hub in the Holy Trinity Church, West End Development ref: 94214/01/201922/01/20190