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Corporate Management Capacity

Meeting: 13/03/2019 - Employment in Hampshire County Council Committee (Item 40)

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To consider a report of the Chief Executive regarding Corporate Management Capacity.


The Committee considered a report of the Chief Executive regarding corporate management capacity.


The report was introduced and it was explained that regular reviews of management capacity were undertaken and this one coincided with the conclusion of the Transformation to 2019 programme. It also followed a number of changes in the senior management.


The organisation structure in the appendix was drawn to Members’ attention. Details of each department were highlighted and the pressures of the Transformation programmes set out. With regard to the general approach of preserving senior management capacity, it was confirmed that all changes had been made within existing budgets and that senior management was not specifically protected from savings targets. All of the management structures were guided by the Transformation Practice, with the aim of ensuring the right level of support for front line officers to be able to deliver high quality services. The practice of having a nominated deputy for some senior roles was discussed and it was confirmed that this was determined through the most appropriate selection process in each case.


The recommendations in the report were considered and it was RESOLVED:


That the EHCC Committee


i.              Notes and agrees the proposed adjustments that are being made in departmental management arrangements, as outlined in the body of the report, in order to provide the necessary capacity and capability to meet the Council’s change programme.


ii.            Agrees the reaffirmation of the previously established approach to local flexibilities in the development of interim additional capacity within DMTs in accordance with the constraints described in paragraph 3.23.