Issue - meetings

Appointment of Vice-Chairman

Meeting: 27/05/2021 - County Council (Item 6)

Appointment of Vice-Chairman

To appoint a Vice Chairman of the County Council to hold office until the. Annual General Meeting of the Council in 2022. The Chairman will call for nominations which are to be seconded, with all propositions being put to the vote. The new Vice Chairman to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.



The Chairman invited nominations for the position of Vice-Chairman of the Council.  Councillor Keith Mans, seconded by Councillor Rob Humby proposed Councillor Marge Harvey.  No other nominations were received therefore the proposition was put to the vote and carried.




That Councillor Marge Harvey be appointed as Vice-Chairman of the County Council until the Annual General Meeting in 2022.  Councillor Harvey made the declaration of Acceptance of Office.