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Climate Change Annual Report 2020-2021

Meeting: 12/10/2021 - Cabinet (Item 22)

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To consider a report of the Director of Economy, Transport and Environment providing Cabinet with an update on progress on Climate Change over the last 12 months, highlight some examples of best practice and outlining the focus for the year ahead.

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Cabinet considered the report of the Director of Economy, Transport and Environment setting out the Climate Change Annual Report 2020-21.


With the agreement of the Chairman, Councillors Porter and Tod addressed Cabinet. Councillor Porter noted the emphasis on engaging with young people in the findings of the Hampshire 2050 Commission and highlighting the role that young people will play in progressing climate change initiatives, expressed concern that the climate change programme was not engaging enough.


Councillor Tod highlighted the links to climate change in the County Council’s Strategic Plan (2021-2025). With reference to inconsistent wording between the Plan and covering Cabinet report (from the July Cabinet meeting), he noted that “sustainable” had been removed from Outcome 1 and felt that a clearer ambition for recycling was needed. Councillor Tod also proposed areas where the climate change programme could develop further, relating to local energy generation, solar PV, tree planting and carbon reduction.


One year into the Climate Change programme, key areas of progress were highlighted to Cabinet, as was the focus for the second year. Actions to embed the programme within the organisation were drawn to Members’ attention, as was extensive partnership and engagement work. It was noted that the Covid-19 pandemic had limited progress in some areas.


Cabinet welcomed the report and the success and ambition of the climate change strategy. In particular initiatives such as “walktober”, the promotion of staycations, the use of bio-fuels and electric machinery, the greening campaign and the recycling of asphalt were recognised.


In response to Councillor Tod’s comments, it was clarified that the wording of the Strategic Plan as adopted by the County Council took precedence over any covering reports. An additional recommendation was proposed by Councillor Warwick and seconded by Councillor Oppenheimer that:


Cabinet recognise the importance of waste minimisation through promotion of the circular economy as a key element of the climate change strategy and accordingly recommends that County Council amend Outcome One of the “Serving Hampshire’s Residents – Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025” to reflect this, as detailed in the extract from the Strategic Plan attached to the Decision Record.


The recommendations in the report, along with the additional recommendation were considered and agreed. A decision record is attached to these minutes.