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Budget Update Report

Meeting: 14/12/2021 - Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Authority (Item 55)

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To consider a report from the Chief Financial Officer, which provides a first look at the budget setting process for 2022/23, an update on the development of the MTFP and an update on the financial position of the Authority in 2021/22.

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The Authority considered a report from the Chief Financial Officer (item 7 in the minute book) which set out a budget update setting of the budget for 2022/23, the medium term financial position for the Fire Authority based on the announcements made as part of the Autumn Budget on 27th October 2021 and pensions matters.

The report was summarised and Members were reminded that the government funding outcome had not yet been received and that the report therefore included many assumptions.

Members queried whether a breakdown of employee costs could be provided and it was confirmed that this would be provided. It was also confirmed that more focus was put on reductions and efficiencies rather than relying on an increase in council tax. Regarding the driver training costs detailed on page 23 of the pack, this was a ne national driving standard issued that increased the length of the course but unfortunately there was no central additional funding provided to cover this expense.


The Authority was reassured that the Fire Service remained in a strong position and proposals going forward were focussed on ensuring that this remained as such. Any substantial changes to projects or financial impacts would go through the Authority and so they would be regularly updated as the budget position became clearer.


1. The financial principles in Appendix A
were approved by the  HIWFRA Full Authority

2. The budget monitoring position was noted by the HIWFRA Full Authority

3. The increase to the cost cap envelope was approved by the HIWFRA Full Authority.

4. The Delivery Pressures set out in Appendix B were approved by the HIWFRA Full Authority for inclusion in the 2022/23 budget subject to affordability

5. The mid-year review of treasury management activities set out in Appendix C were approved by the HIWFRA Full Authority

6. The updated LGPS Discretions Policy set out in Appendix D was approved by the HIWFRA Full Authority