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Participation Strategy

Meeting: 15/06/2022 - Corporate Parenting Board (Item 20)

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To receive a progress update from the Director of Children’s Services on the Participation Strategy.

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The Board received a report from the Director of Children’s Services providing a overview of the Participation Strategy for 2022-2025 as agreed by the Children & Families Branch Management team.


Members noted how the department has transformed several aspects of how children and families are interacted with, most notably the introduction of the Hampshire Approach. Members noted the importance of these activities and the priority applied to them in early 202 when lockdowns were first implemented. This allowed for continued opportunities for support for relationship building between young people and staff alongside opportunities for feedback.


The Board heard how the department were now looking into the establishment of a Children in Care Council and a group for care experienced adults.


As a result of questions members heard that;

·         There is a thematic report every three months as part of the strategy alongside individual interventions when needed.

·         Young people are encouraged to pursue aspirations, whether that be university, non-academic or extracurricular.




That the Corporate Parenting Board:

  • Note the contents of the Participation Strategy 2022 – 2025.
  • Take particular note of the governance of the strategy, specifically, the roles and responsibilities of the Corporate Parenting Board as laid out within the strategy.