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Leader's Report

Meeting: 02/11/2017 - County Council (Item 35)

Leader's Report

To receive such reports as the Leader of the Council may wish to bring before the Council.

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The Leader reported on a commemorative event held on Wednesday 11th October 2017 in the Great Hall in honour of Harvey Cole, Honorary Alderman and a former Leader of the Council.

Following a fire in Three Minsters House on 18 September 2017, the Leader was pleased to report that the initial emergency response phase had been concluded efficiently and effectively with staff relocated to alternative locations within the headquarters complex. Repair works were underway which would take some months to complete.  Thanks were extended to staff for their resilience and efforts to keep the County Council’s business going in these challenging circumstances and to acknowledge the professionalism of the Fire and Rescue Service in attending and containing the fire.

The Leader was pleased to announce that Hampshire  Music Service Flute Choir has won the top prize in the school age category at the first ever ‘Flutewise’ national competition - a volunteer based charity that creates events and courses for young flute players and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Necessarily much time and attention had been concentrated on balancing the budget whilst delivering good services however, the Leader emphasised the importance of looking ahead with the aim that Hampshire continues to prosper and flourish economically whilst at the same time protecting the environment.  The County Council works in partnership with Local Economic Partnerships, who have responsibilities regarding economic development and the 11 district councils, who have responsibility for certain functions such as planning policy.  With a view to developing a whole Hampshire Vision by continuing to work together, the Leader proposed the establishment of an independent Cross Party Commission to include some councillors, inviting leading experts in environment and economic development together with young people to help develop a Vision for Hampshire 2050 - Economically Prosperous - Environmentally Sustained.