Agenda and minutes

Hampshire Police and Crime Panel (Statutory Joint Committee) - Friday, 5th October, 2018 10.00 am

Venue: Ashburton Hall, Elizabeth II Court, The Castle, Winchester

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from:

  • Councillor Tonia Craig, Eastleigh Borough Council
  • Councillor James Radley, Hart District Council



Declarations of Interest

To enable Members to declare to the meeting any disclosable pecuniary interest they may have in any matter on the agenda for the meeting, where that interest is not already entered in their appointing authority’s register of interests, and any other pecuniary or personal interests in any such matter that Members may wish to consider disclosing.


Members were able to disclose to the meeting any disclosable pecuniary interest they may have in any matter on the agenda for the meeting, where that interest is not already entered in their appointing authority’s register of interests, and any other pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests in any such matter that Members may wish to disclose.


No declarations were made.



Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 108 KB

To confirm the minutes from the previous meeting.



The Minutes from the 6 July 2018 meeting were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Questions and Deputations

To receive any questions or deputations in line with Rule 31 and 31A of the Panel’s Rules of Procedure.


No questions or deputations were received by the Panel on this occasion.


The Chairman noted that one written question was received regarding the use of the Constabulary’s 101 service; however the question was submitted too late for consideration at the meeting. The Chairman advised that the Panel would respond to the question and, if appropriate, bring it to the next meeting.



Chairman's Announcements

To hear any announcements the Chairman may have for this meeting.


The Chairman updated Members regarding a recent meeting he had attended with the Rt Hon Nick Hurd, Minister of State for Policing and the Fire Service. During the meeting the Chairman discussed the current work being undertaken by the Panel in respect of its pro-active scrutiny  programme, and the Minister requested a copy of the final report from the scrutiny once published. During the meeting the Chairman also took the opportunity to share the Panel’s concerns regarding the police funding formula.


The Chairman took an opportunity to thank the Commissioner for recently facilitating a meeting of the four Upper Tier Council Leaders, which was also attended by the newly appointed Assistant Commissioner Criminal Justice. Members heard that the Commissioner had offered to host this meeting going forward and the Chairman noted that it provided a valuable opportunity for the four Leaders to meet and discuss issues of community and public safety.


The Chairman also announced that Cllr Simon Bound had agreed to chair the pro-active Scrutiny Task and Finish Group and that an update would be heard on this group at item eight of the agenda.


Appointment of a Local Authority Co-opted Member of the Police and Crime Panel pdf icon PDF 58 KB

To consider the proposed appointment of a Local Authority Co-opted Member of the Police and Crime Panel.


Members considered a report outlining the Liberal Democrat Group nomination of Councillor Brian Laming for the current vacancy on the Panel for a Local Authority Co-opted Member.


Members agreed unanimously to confirm the appointment of Cllr Laming.



That Cllr Brian Laming Is appointed as a Local Authority Co-opted Member of the Panel.


Police and Crime Commissioner's Announcements

To hear any announcements the Commissioner may have for the Panel.



The Chair invited announcements from the Commissioner, who highlighted the following to the Panel:


The Commissioner presented a video highlighting activity undertaken by himself and his team during the last quarter, highlighting a number of events held and attended.


Following a number of deaths over previous festival seasons, and the death of two young people at the Mutiny Festival the Commissioner and his team had actively engaged with the organisers of the Boomtown festival, ahead of it taking place in  August. The Commissioner explained that the two key directions were to dissuade individuals from using illegal drugs and focussing on enforcement message. Whilst his view continues that Safe Spaces to use would not be beneficial within Hampshire, Members heard that the Commissioner continues to review this position regularly and noted that testing facilities made available have been particularly helpful.


Concerns were raised by the Commissioner regarding the present funding formula for policing and cited that this was a key focus of his lobbying and attention, particularly as a review into fairer funding was not anticipated until 2022-23. The Commissioner advised that he had met with the Home Secretary on Monday and had briefed him regarding the funding position for Hampshire. The Commissioner also made a commitment that the Panel’s finance working group would be one of the first groups to be updated on any developments regarding the proposed precept for 2019-20, which will informed by public consultation. ?


The Commissioner confirmed the vacancy for an Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner had been filled and that a Criminal Justice expert had been appointed, as this had been identified as an area of weakness in delivery of the Police and Crime Plan. A focus for the recently appointed Assistant PCC would be to support the Commissioner’s statutory responsibilities to collaborate with Criminal Justice bodies and to seek to deliver innovative approaches to keep people safer, as well as chairing the Criminal Justice Board. The Chief Executive offered to circulate the role responsibilities in full to Members following the meeting.


Members, whilst understanding that this was a senior staff appointment, raised concerns over the lack of communication with the Panel regarding the appointment, particularly following public sensitivities surrounding the appointment of a deputy Police and Crime Commissioner in 2017. The Chief Executive of the OPCC suggested that he would be happy to discuss with members how such appointments could be appropriately communicated to the Panel in future.


Police and Crime Panel - Update from Working Groups

To receive a verbal update on recent working group meetings, to include finalisation of the membership.


The Chairman of the Panel’s working groups were invited to provide an update on activity of the working group during the previous quarter.


Councillor Bound provided an update on the work of the Plan Working Group. Members heard that during the most recent meeting of the Plan Working Group Members welcomed an update on progress against delivery of the Police and Crime Plan. Members of the working group, on behalf of the Panel scrutinised the information presented and were pleased to hear about progress made against delivering enhancements to the Modern Slavery Partnership and efforts to reduce cyber crime. It was heard that Members of the working group had put forth suggestions to the OPCC regarding expanding Third Party Reporting Centres for Hate Crime and identified opportunities for intergenerational joint working in promoting cyber safety.


Councillor Bound also provided an update on the work of the recently formed Proactive Scrutiny Task and Finish Group, through which Members heard that the Task and Finish group had held their first meeting. During the meeting Members had collectively discussed their aspirations for the scope of the scrutiny as well as formulating an effective approach to seeking both quantitative and qualitative evidence from appropriate organisations and individuals.


Michael Coombes provided an overview from the recent meeting of the Finance working group, within which the Chief Executive of the OPCC had provided a detailed overview of the work undertaken and discussion was held regarding the costs of the Commissioner’s office as well as exploring current local and national pressures. Members heard mid-term expectations suggested that both spend and savings were on track to be delivered as anticipated for 2018/19, with further detail to be discussed at our next meeting in November.


Bob Purkiss, chairman of the Panel’s Complaints Sub-Committee, thanked democratic and legal officers for their efforts in supporting the work of the Sub-Committee. The Chief Executive of the OPCC invited Mr Purkiss to engage with the office regarding activity being undertaken in readiness for the changes required under the Police and Crime Act, and it was heard that his input would be valued alongside other partners including the Police Federation.


It was heard that vacancies existed on both the Finance Working Group and the Plan Working Group. Members were invited to volunteer an interest in these vacancies.




That Councillor Rust is appointed to the Plan Working Group and Councillor Laming is appointed to the Finance Working Group.


Police and Crime Panel - Governance Update pdf icon PDF 72 KB

To consider a report outlining revisions to the Panel’s governance protocols and/or documentation.

Additional documents:


Members heard, following the recent task and finish group meeting and complaints sub-committee meeting, a number of updates were proposed to the Panel’s governance policies and documents.


Members agreed the ask and Finish Group Terms of Reference and noted the update to the complaint protocols.




That the proposed Task and Finish Group Terms of Reference are agreed and that the updates to the Complaints Protocol and the Guidance Note on the Management of Unreasonable Complainant Behaviour are noted.


Police and Crime Commissioner - Police and Crime Plan Delivery pdf icon PDF 2 MB

To receive a quarterly update from the Police and Crime Commissioner detailing delivery against his Police and Crime Plan.

Additional documents:


Members received a verbal presentation from the Commissioner and Chief Executive, setting out an update on delivery against the Police and Crime Plan 2016-2021 (see item 10 in the minute book).


During the presentation Members heard:


·         Efforts were being made to improve visible policing, with the Estates programme focussing upon placing the right officers within the best possible locations. A number of Members remarked positively upon the engagement from the Commissioner’s team in relation to local policing premises.

·         The Commissioner was developing an Elders strategy, looking at how his team might enable the introduction of an Elder commission to hear the thoughts and concerns of older residents within communities, in a similar vein as the Commissioner’s established Youth Commission.

·         The Commissioner had launched his Safer pack which provides advice to help residents avoid fraud and scams. As well as an online version printed copies will be made available within GP surgeries and sheltered environment.

·         The Commissioner is aware of concerns raised by Members and others regarding the speed of reporting via Action Fraud. It is anticipated that the new Contact Management System, once launched, will improve the reporting of concerns relating to fraud.

·         The Commissioner attended a number of events over the summer months, allowing him to engage with a wide range of individuals from our communities. Engagement at each event varied but engagement from the rural community has been strong, a number of very key proactive conversations had been held during pride events and the Southampton Mela had provided a chance to engage with diverse and hard to reach communities.

·         The Commissioner had attended the Independent Custody Visitors (ICV) annual seminar and had met with three of the ICVs during the Southampton Court Open Day which had provided a good opportunity to discuss particular requirements and issues within the local area. The Commissioner was keen to reinforce the value of the volunteers and the work they do, and was aware of tensions regarding access and support of training. A new lead staff member, replacing the previous post holder, at the OPCC had recently joined the team to support the ICVs. 


Councillor Muschamp joined the meeting at this point.


In response to questions, the Panel heard:


·         A number of CSP’s felt there was a slight disconnect with the Commissioner’s priorities, with suggestion that the concerns and the priorities of the Police don't seem to feature heavily enough within the Plan.

·         County lines is significant concern and resource commitment both locally, regionally and nationally. 

·         Modern Slavery exists within the Hampshire Policing Area, however not always in the stereotypical forms the public might expect.  Although its not a not new crime, it’s a newly understood area, with knowledge and awareness growing at a rapid pace.

·         Blue Light Collaboration within Hampshire is not an issue of governance but a focus upon collaborative working and Hampshire is well regarded in its approach to this. The Commissioner meets regularly with the Chief Fire Officer and Chief Constable and leads from the Ambulance service to review  ...  view the full minutes text for item 195.


Police and Crime Commissioner - Annual report pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To receive the draft Annual Report of the Police and Crime Commissioner for the 2017/18 year.


Members received a draft copy of the Commissioners Annual report for 2017-18 and were invited to raise comments and recommendations in accordance with Section 28(4) of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act. It was heard that:


·         The report suggested that the number of visits made by ICVs had fallen, even thought the number of detentions had increased.

·         The funding uplift to support the delivery of the Emergency Service Contact Management was vague and Members were keen to understand when the public would realise the return on this investment. The Commissioner explained that the contact management system was not yet fully resilient in terms of the airways, and until it is it cannot go live.

·         The Commissioner makes and records all decisions regarding spend regardless of the value. 


At the end of the discussion, the Chairman invited all Members to share any further thoughts, questions or recommendations before 11 October.   On the basis of these, a response from the Panel will be drafted and sent to the Commissioner on 13 October, as agreed within the Panel’s protocols.




That the Panel will review the draft Annual Report of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, and make any report or recommendation to the Commissioner in line with Section 28(4) of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act.


Police and Crime Panel - Annual Report pdf icon PDF 130 KB

To receive a report from the Chairman detailing the Panel’s Annual Report for the 2017/18 year.


The Chairman introduced the Panel’s draft annual report for the 2017/18 municipal year.


Members were content with the content with the draft and agreed for the report to be published on the Panel’s website and shared with relevant partners.


Councillor Stewart left the meeting at this point, Councillor Warwick assumed the chair.




That the annual report is agreed.


Proactive Scrutiny: Hate Crime - Response from the Commissioner pdf icon PDF 337 KB

To consider a paper outlining the Police and Crime Commissioner’s response to the recommendations of the Police and Crime Panel on Hate Crime.


To consider a paper outlining the Police and Crime Commissioner’s response to the recommendations of the Police and Crime Panel on Hate Crime.


The Commissioner’s comments on the recommendations from the ‘hate crime” proactive scrutiny were noted, with Members commenting upon the Commissioner’s recognition of the recommendations made regarding Anti-Semitism and hate crime targeted towards disability. The Commissioner explained that whilst Anti-Semitism is nationally very topical, it has been identified that there is not a significant level of concern within the Hampshire Policing Area.


Members raised concerns regarding hate crime being targeted towards overseas students attending university within Hampshire and that this may not be being reported. The Commissioner advised that work is already being undertaken with Portsmouth University, who now have a third party reporting centre on campus and the Commissioner’s team had attended events including Fresher week to raise hate crime awareness.


In response to Member’s questions it was heard:

·         As well as raising awareness through social media the Youth Commission had been lobbying regarding the use of a mobile application to report hate crime.

·         In a recent survey, residents of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight had rated hate crime, along with supporting victims and youth diversion, as low within their priorities and the clear need to increase hate crime awareness within Rural Communities was recognised.

·         A gauge was needed of the current use of third party reporting centres across Hampshire to understand their effectiveness. It is hoped that such data may help promote the growth of further centres. The Commissioner recognises that different bodies have different priorities. The Commissioner recognised his role in demonstrating the value of third party centres to help gain the required critical mass interest. 


Cllr Shields left the meeting at this point.




That the Commissioner’s response is noted. Following the meeting the Commissioners response will be published on the Panel’s website and shared with those who provided evidence to this review.


Police and Crime Panel - Financial monitoring leading to the 2019/20 Grant Budget Agreement pdf icon PDF 72 KB

To consider a paper monitoring the Police and Crime Panel’s budget for 2018/19, in advance of agreeing the proposed budget for 2019/20.


Members received a report from the finance officer to the Panel which monitored the budget for 2017/18, in advance of agreeing the proposed budget for 2019/20 (see Item 14 in the Minute Book).


The Panel’s finance officer provided a brief overview of the Police and Crime Panel grant, the previous year’s budget, the current year’s spend, and the projections for 2019/20 (subject to the full grant being received).


In response to questions, the Panel heard:


·         The increase to room hire charges, in comparison to the projected spend for 2017/18 was agreed by the Panel at their October 2017 meeting, as it was deemed appropriate that the cost, previously covered by Hampshire County Council, should be met through the budget.

·         That the Panel grant was retrospectively paid by the Home Office, and only the amount spent was claimable.

·         Legal costs for 2018/19 were anticipated to increase from the previous year, predominately arising from work associated with complaints to the Police and Crime Panel and the complexity of complaints received during the budget period.




That Members:


·      Note the final financial position for 2017/18.


·      Note the current performance against the budget for this financial year.


·      Agreed the proposed budget for the panel for 2019/20, subject to confirmation of the Government grant.


Police and Crime Panel - Work Programme pdf icon PDF 66 KB

To consider a report setting out the proposed future work programme for the Panel.


Members received a report from the scrutiny officer to the Panel which sets out the proposed work programme for the Panel.

It was agreed that the meeting scheduled for 26 April would be moved, as it falls within the pre-election period and that a new date would be agreed in consultation with the Commissioner and his team.



That the work programme is agreed.