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Police and Crime Commissioner - Police and Crime Plan Delivery

To receive a quarterly update from the Police and Crime Commissioner detailing delivery against his Police and Crime Plan.


Members received a presentation setting out an update on delivery against the

Police and Crime Plan 2016-2021. Members heard:


·         The Commissioner had recently provided additional funding to the Chief Constable to support Hampshire Scientific Services to meet the now required standards. Funding was also granted to Hampshire Search and Rescue, enabling them to add value to frontline policing through better equipping volunteers, and to CountryWatch for technology to enhance safety in rural communities.

·         Enhancements had been made to the Commissioner’s procurement strategy to demonstrate commercial best practice and allow the Estates Programme to deliver best value and service.

·         Community Remedy had been revised and extended to ensure it could be effective and properly targeted.

·         The Commissioner had provided an underwriting guarantee for the Police ICT programme. Recognising that this was a risk approach, the Commissioner determined the benefit of allowing the opportunity for better value and savings in contractual and procurement opportunities outweighed any potential risk.

·         Hampshire Constabulary were one of the first forces to adopt the use of electric powered vehicles. The savings generated from the use of electric vehicles had enabled the purchase of additional front-line specialist operational vehicles.


In response to questions, the Panel heard:


·         SafetyNet was provided by the Commissioner and his team were seeking to enhance the benefits for the end users by inputting core source data and adding health data from a nationally available data set. Whilst Community Partnerships were now being asked to contribute £2,000 per annum per partnership to access the system, the Commissioner expressed that he would be happy to discuss and negotiate this with any partner who felt they couldn’t afford it. A free service was also being provided by the Commissioner’s office to organisations unable to afford a fee.

·         The Commissioner was aware that in some areas the police had not been using the system effectively due to demands on their time. Members heard that the Commissioner had challenged this with the Chief Constable and her view was that the force must support SafetyNet and use it effectively, as the Police contribution to the system was essential.

·         The Commissioner’s team would review the information available on their website in respect of complaints, following concerns raised by Members as to the visibility of such information.

·         In response to comments about a recent article in the Southern Daily Echo, the Commissioner explained a refresher had been provided to the first response teams regarding effective communication with members of the public making such reports. Whilst being clear that this was an operational matter the Commissioner suggested it was likely he would raise it with the Chief Constable at the next COMPASS meeting.

·         A recent Safer Together event, hosted by the Commissioner in Portsmouth, had allowed him to meet with people who may not otherwise seek opportunity for their voice to be heard. As part of the event members of the public could vote for projects, with the winner receiving a £500 grant. 

·         The fleet management team would be monitoring the use of Constabulary vehicles in Portsmouth and Southampton, following the proposal for imposed air space restrictions in both cities within the next year. Members heard that the Chief Constable had made this a priority, with the agreement of the Commissioner.

·         Work to implement the new Contact Management Platform was nearing roll-out, with final testing currently in progress and a review meeting scheduled for the week following the Panel meeting.


That the update on the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan is noted.

The Chair paused the meeting for a 10 minute comfort break, suspending the meeting from 11:30 to 11:40.

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