Agenda item

Hampshire 2050 Commission of Inquiry

To consider a report of the Chief Executive setting out the outcomes of the Hampshire 2050 Commission of Inquiry evidence gathering sessions and to determine the next steps.


The County Council considered the report of the Chief Executive (Item 3 in the Minute Book) providing the background and an introduction to the Commission of Inquiry - Vision for Hampshire 2050, setting out the Commissioners Summary Report and their recommendations and proposed next steps.  The County Council was requested to approve the recommendations set out on page 9 of the Chief Executive’s report.


In commending the Commissioners’ Report, the Leader thanked Councillor Roy Perry as Chairman of the Commission and all the Commissioner’s for the wide ranging knowledge and expertise they had brought to what was a significant piece of work covering many themes from which key drivers for change had been identified including climate change.  The Commissioners’ Report which was appended, provides an evidence-based framework with a clear vision for each driver to support engagement and response.


The Leader sought agreement for  the County Council to take a leadership role to ensure the Commissioners’ Report is received and considered by key partners and stakeholders across Hampshire.  In support of this, the Leader drew Members attention to the re-purposed Hampshire Partnership Board as an important mechanism to engage with key public sector partners, and to provide oversight of delivery of the Commission’s recommendations.  The first meeting of this re-purposed Board is proposed for late November and is intended to focus on climate change.  The Leader also reminded Members of the appointment of Councillor Jan Warwick as an Assistant to the Executive and confirmed that the focus of Councillor Warwick’s role would be Climate Change.  Lastly, the Leader asked the County Council to review its key policies in light of the Commissions’ Report and confirmed that the Cabinet would be undertaking a detailed review of the Commission’s recommendations together with the development of a County Council action plan in response. 

The Chairman invited Councillor Roy Perry to speak in his capacity as Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry.  Councillor Perry highlighted the challenges of looking forward 30 years to 2050, the choices to be made and the opportunities to be grasped.  He drew Members attention to the wide-ranging expert evidence which had culminated in the Commissioners’ Report being commended to the Council and highlighted the five key areas the Commissioners felt were most critical – the climate, environment, economy, population and society and technology.  It was noted that people and communities are at the heart of the Commissioners’ Report, which was ambitious and far reaching.  It was hoped that the work of the Commission will guide and contribute to future plans, strategies and ways of working for both the County Council and its key partners, including the important economic relationships with the cities of Southampton and Portsmouth.

The Council’s debate focused on the five key areas highlighted, namely the climate, environment, economy, population and society and technology with the importance of timely action being emphasised.  Working with other local authorities, organisations and communities in Hampshire to address the challenges together and build resilience was paramount.  Throughout the debate many Members signified their support of the work of the Commission and the recommendations before them. 

Prior to asking the Leader to conclude the debate, the Chairman invited the Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment to speak.  Councillor Humby reported that climate change and environment are top priorities for his portfolio and will be reflected in the strategy and action plan being developed.  The Executive Member reflected on housing, infrastructure, employment, land management, agriculture and energy production, the economy and diversity and inclusion. 

In conclusion of the debate, the Leader thanked the Director of Economy, Transport and Environment for the work that he and officers in his Directorate had done to support the Commissioners throughout the Inquiry.




That the County Council:

a)        Notes and endorses the Commissioners’ Summary Report including the vison, policy and recommendations;

b)        Notes and approves the recommended responses by the County Council to the Commissioners’ Report below:

·      That the Council endorse the Commissioners’ Report as a basis for

     response and engagement

·      That the Council take a leadership role in ensuring the Commissioners’ Report is received and considered by key partners and stakeholders across Hampshire


·      That the Council reviews its key policies where appropriate in light of the Commission’s recommendations

·      That the Council establish an evidence base for key policy areas against which progress on the Commission’s recommendations can be measured

c)      Endorses the governance and oversight arrangements set out;

d)      Notes the repurposing of the Hampshire Partnership Board to oversee

implementation and progress of the Hampshire 2050;

e)      Endorses the approach of engaging key partners to receive and respond to the Commissioners’ Report; and

f)       Approves further work to engage with schools and/or youth organisations to consider the Commission's findings and recommendations.


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