Agenda item

Notice of Motion

To consider a Notice of Motion, submitted in accordance
 with Standing Order 18.1:

Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Jackie Porter, seconded
         by Councillor Malcolm Wade.


Please see the attachment at Item 9 within the agenda pack for the detail of the Motion.






The Council considered a Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Jackie Porter and seconded by Councillor Malcolm Wade, submitted in accordance  with Standing Order 18.1 as set out in Item 9 on the Agenda.

Councillor Steve Forster declared a personal interest in his involvement with a business looking at electrification and sustainability.


In speaking to the Motion, Councillor Porter drew Members attention to a typographical error, as submitted, in recommendation 3 that should read “in all 11 districts”, which was noted.

In opening the debate and welcoming the principle of the Motion, the Leader highlighted that, should the recommendations be agreed by the Council, careful consideration would need to be given to the financing of those recommendations in light of the Council’s current financial position as a result of responding to Covid-19 as reported earlier in the proceedings.  The Leader also highlighted that it may be necessary for the Council to consider the matter again once the implications of the Motion were better understood.


During the course of the debate there was cross party support for the Motion  in terms of climate change and health benefits such as reducing obesity.  Concerns were expressed regarding the funding of the recommendations, detailed consideration and evaluation of the implications of the recommendations, and the importance of appropriate levels of consultation. A number of Members made it clear that their support for the Motion was conditional upon further consideration of the financial implications.  It was noted that a number of initiatives were in operation in schools such as ‘park and stride’ and that the County Council had already introduced cycling and walking pop-up schemes which have been monitored, and where necessary modified to ensure they are effective, and in some cases, removed if they have proved unsuccessful.  Members also noted that the County Council was waiting to hear if their bid for funding from the Emergency Active Travel Fund is successful.  In addition, a lot of work was being done nationally regarding electrification of modes of transport which will have significant impact on reducing air quality issues.

Members were also reminded of the work carried out by the Economy, Transport and Environment (ETE) Select Committee regarding walking and cycling as a consistent theme and it was confirmed that the Select Committee would also be giving consideration to the issues set out in the Motion at future meetings.


In summing up the debate the Leader welcomed the various views expressed by Members and the opportunity to debate these important issues.  The Leader also highlighted the need for wider discussion about home to school transport, for those that qualify and the year-on-year rising cost of provision, which was in excess of £30m in the last year.  For clarity, the Leader confirmed that the proposals were currently unfunded and would require further consideration by Cabinet and the ETE Select Committee before final determination on implementation.

Councillor Porter welcomed that further work on the Motion would be carried out by the ETE Select Committee.


This Council resolves to:

1.         Work with districts, schools and local partners to swiftly identify those schools in the county that could put a “school streets” scheme in place.

2.         Work with districts, schools and local partners to enable all schools that wish to take part in the “school streets” scheme to do so – taking advantage of experimental traffic orders and new statutory guidance over fast-tracked Traffic Regulation Orders where necessary.

3.         Measure air quality around a sample of schools in all 11 districts at child-head height to identify the level of air pollution children are being exposed to at school drop-off and pick-up. 

4.         Pilot additional measures to improve air quality near schools in 2020/21, such as ‘living green walls’ and tree planting.


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