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Forest Lodge Home Farm Fawley Road Hythe

To consider a report of the Director of Economy, Transport and Environment regarding a planning application for Variation of conditions 16 of planning permission 18/11586 to allow additional mobile kit (Excavator, Dumper truck, and cell engineering equipment) on site to improve operational efficiency at Forest Lodge Home Farm, Fawley Road, Hythe (Application No. 20/10282) (Site Ref: NF271).


Variation of conditions 16 of planning permission 18/11586 to allow additional mobile kit (Excavator, Dumper truck, and cell engineering equipment) on site to improve operation efficiency at Forest Lodge Home Farm, Fawley Road, Hythe SO45 3NJ (No. 20/10282) (Site Ref: NF271)


The Committee considered a report from the Head of Strategic Planning, which had originally come to Committee and been deferred in November 2020.

The officer summarised the application and provided aerial photographs of the site and its location. It was confirmed that a noise assessment had been done following the deferral, which satisfactory results. A new Condition 31 had also been implemented to ensure noise monitoring on site going forwards. Two liaison panel meetings had also taken place since the item initially went to Committee. It was confirmed that an update report had also been published, with an updated recommendation and Section 106 legal agreement.


The Committee received three deputations. Peter Armstrong spoke on behalf of the Netley View Estate Residents Association, stating that there were still concerns regarding the potential noise on the site and also dust, as had been experienced before. John Palmer and Ben Sarton addressed the Committee on behalf of the applicant and enforced the importance of having the correct equipment on site to prevent delays. They supported the additional Condition 31 and a noise metre was now in place, and would be assessed in real-time going forwards. Councillor Mark Cooper read a deputation from Councillor Malcolm Wade due to last-minute apologies. Councillor Wade still had concerns regarding noise and the accumulation of additional plant machinery.

During questions of the deputations, the following points were clarified:

·         Residents accepted the 55dB limit imposed on the site;

·         One complaint had been received since the previous meeting, related to dust;

·         Modelling had been done based on equipment being operational for most of the day;

·         Baseline levels had been measured since the beginning of February for comparison;

·         Access to noise-alert emails could be extended to the Resident’s Association if required;

·         The noise metre is behind a fence to prevent road noise from interfering with the readings;

·         The applicant had not received any noise complaints since the application had been to the November 2020 Committee;

·         An additional screen showing the live noise readings would be looked into to see whether it was viable.


During questions of the officer, the following points were clarified:

·         If there was a breach of conditions, then a Breach of Condition Notice would be issued in conjunction with the Environmental Health Officer at New Forest District Council;

·         Two complaints had been received since November 2020 and both issues had been rectified swiftly;


During debate, Members acknowledged that they felt reassured that the noise would be monitored effectively on site and any breaches would be dealt with. The kit on site would ensure delivery by 2027, which was to be encouraged and welcomed. The liaison panel was well engaged and the secondary screen showing the western boundary readings at the front of the site would also be welcomed if it was a possibility.


Planning permission was granted subject to the conditions listed in Appendix A of the report and that delegated authority is given to the Directors of Economy, Transport and Environment to issue the permission provided that all parties had provided their agreement in writing in accordance with the new clause 15 of the Original Legal Agreement.

Favour: 15 (unanimous)

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