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Harbour Works Consent Application - Retention of existing jetty (retrospective application) and installation of new ecological enhancements at Highfield, SO31 7DF

To consider a report of the Director of Culture, Communities and Business Services seeking Harbour Works Consent.


The Committee received the report of the Director of Culture, Communities and Business Services seeking retrospective approval to a Harbour Works Consent application.


Members heard that the Harbour Office had identified the development in question and that no permissions had been sought prior to its installation. It was noted that retrospective consent of this nature was a rare occurrence.


In response to Members’ questions, it was confirmed that:

·         The proposal was sited within a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) but that it had met all environmental requirements. Members requested that the Harbour Authority engage with Natural England regarding the possibility of upgrading the area to a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

·         The applicant had put in place mitigation measures targeted at sustaining the surrounding saltmarsh area.

·         Retrospective HWC applications incurred more officer time and therefore a greater financial cost to the Harbour Authority.

·         There was a significant amount of information and advice available to potential applicants to guide them through the process of making a HWC application.




That the Committee recommends to the Harbour Board to approve Harbour Works Consent for the proposal set out in paragraph 4 of the report and subject to the following conditions:


a.    The proposal is to be built in accordance with the details, plans and method set out in paragraph 4.


b.    The size, arrangement and specific location of the enhancement features are to be submitted to and approved by the Harbour Master in writing prior to installation.


c.    The applicant should ensure that all equipment, temporary structures, waste and/or debris associated with the consented activities be removed upon completion of the consented activities.


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