Agenda item

Fire Pension Board Status Report and Risk Register Review

To receive an update on the development of key issues and to review the Risk Register.


The Board received a report which provided an update on ongoing issues (Item 8 in the Minute Book), and also the Board’s Risk Register for review.  The report was introduced and key issues were highlighted.


The Board heard that in relation to member portal registration, figures at the end of August showed that those registered had surpassed 50% for the first time, and had risen again in September.  In response to a Board Member query, it was confirmed that an address tracing programme was used to trace deferred members who may have moved address.  It was also noted that pensioner scheme members could opt out of receiving their annual benefit statement electronically and receive a paper copy, and Officers would find out the percentage of pensioners who had requested to receive a paper version.  Officers highlighted that once scheme members approached retirement age, they were written to and encouraged to sign up to the portal if they haven’t already.


Paragraphs 7-11 of the report highlighted the one outstanding issue in relation to the Combined Fire Authority (CFA), which concerned on-call members who had paid the wrong employee contribution rate.  It was heard that letters had gone out to affected members, and queries received had been clarified.  Officers would check whether the cost of this would come out of HIWFRA reserves.  Officers highlighted other issues detailed in the report including potential strike action, risk review and the Board’s risk register which had been presented in an easier to read format as requested by the Board.


Paragraphs 21-32 of the report provided information relating to the Matthews/O’Brien case, and attention was drawn to the cohorts of members and those in scope.  It was heard that HIWFRA has been asked to provide more detailed analysis to the LGA to assist in work to introduce the Matthews Remedy, which will run at the same time as the McCloud Remedy implementation and will be a busy period for Officers.  Officers asked Board Member views on membership of a project team as detailed at paragraph 32.  A query was raised as to whether any representative bodies would be included on the project team and officers would look into this.  Suggestions were raised about the possibility of involvement of On-call Support Officers, as well as support from the Past Members Association.  Signposting to information about Matthews Remedy, and including in the routine notice was also felt to be useful.


Board Members also heard details relating to Immediate Detriment, McCloud/Sargeant Remedy and the McCloud Remedy Working Group.  It was heard that the Working Group had been considering some communications before the implementation of the McCloud Remedy, and Board Members were asked their views on this.  Board Members felt that there was a lack of general understanding around this subject amongst scheme members, and more communication and accessible information was needed.  The use of webinars and also including information on both the portal and Hampshire Pension Service website was discussed, and thought to be useful.  Further advice on implementing this would be sought from the Internal Communication Lead Officer.

In concluding, Board Members were presented with information relating to Ill Health retirements, In Scope Members and McCloud project costings. 




i.             That the content of the report was noted by the HIWFRA Firefighters’ Pension Board.


ii.            That the Risk Register as set out in paragraphs 18-20 and Appendix A was approved by the HIWFRA Firefighters' Pension Board.



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